Rogue + Wolf Worshipper Ring

You Put a Spell on Me – and now I want this jewelry…


Let’s face it – I am easily distracted by shiny things. And the shiny (or matte black) things that I am obsessing about at the moment are the rings from The Rogue + The Wolf.  The shop features 3D printed jewelry and faux taxidermy. (Say what?) I know!

3D printing technology is still relatively new to the everyday consumer.  Basically, a design is drafted into a computer – the computer then dissects the design into thin layers or slices.  A fancy printer then creates the object layer by layer, printing in plastic or whatever the material may be.  This makes it possible to build – well, absolutely anything…and this is the perfect way to get your hands on that kind of amazing in an affordable way.

If only gold plated or sterling silver will do, you’ll be looking at the $350 to $600 range. Simply excited about gorgeous design and 3D tech? You can get one of these bad boys for as low as $10 before shipping and handling.  

Rogue + Wolf Midi Ring

The “Hunt” Midi Ring – £7.50

Ten.  Dollars.  BLOWS MY MIND.  Don’t tell them or they might raise their prices…  

Rogue + Wolf Eclipse Necklace

The “Eclipse” Necklace – £9.00

Shown are some of my favorite pieces from their enchantingly named collections, although it was very hard to choose.  Designer Eloise has some sort of hot-accessory black magic. Delightfully witchy and right on trend with 90’s grunge goth as it makes its comeback, this jewelry makes me want to watch The Craft and drink espresso like it’s 1995.  Buy several and stack to really make a statement.

Rogue + Wolf Rune Ring

The “Rune” Ring – £37.50

Rogue + Wolf Rebel Midi Ring

The “Rebel” Midi Ring – £22.10

Also available on Etsy.  (Oh, Etsy…what did we do without you?)


One comment

  1. girluprooted · November 22, 2014

    Love the dark makeup. I need to find more places where I cant wear make up like that!

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