New Year's Resolution

Resolve to Be Better and Stuff

Psychologists have studied how we view the passage of time – and yes, they have found a connection between growing older and feeling like time is passing faster.


Ok, I know I’m not old. Getting older has never really bothered me. I’m a strong believer in the idea that the best is yet to come. But, man – can things please just slow down a little? I’d barely gotten used to the fact that it was 2014 and that I am the Cheerio handler of a small human being who looks exactly like my husband…and already you’re telling me it’s 2015 and I’m almost 31 – when I haven’t really realized I’m 30 quite yet.

At least I have this New Year Resolution business figured out. Really, truly. Trust me on this one. A few years ago, I figured out the secret. My resolutions in the past have always been about my body. I would change it every year, hoping that by morphing and moving words around somehow my motivation would kick start and miracles would happen.

I resolve to lose weight. Ok, that didn’t work. I resolve to work out. Yeah, that happened for about two months. I resolve to lose ten pounds. I gained twenty!? Ok, I resolve not to gain any weight.


Instead, I changed the way I thought. I stopped making such specific resolutions that were destined to spiral me into depression as soon as I spotted failure on the horizon. I resolved to simply have a better year. That’s it.

Don’t make a resolution to suddenly become a gym goer, or to become a staunch vegan, to lose weight, or to quit smoking, or to drink less, or to save money – although these are all very valiant decisions to make. But these sorts of choices shouldn’t be made because you feel like you have to come up with a life-changing declaration by midnight or you’ll turn into a pumpkin. These should be lifestyle changes that you are truly prepared to make – not to try out for a month, quit when you are overwhelmed, and then feel guilty about for the rest of the year and maybe part of the next…

No, no. Forget guilt. Forget failing. Don’t set yourself up like that, please. Choose this for yourself, instead: Resolve to have a better year in 2015 than you had in 2014. Maybe this does include losing weight or tossing cigarettes. Or maybe it just means you make a new friend or get out of a bad relationship. Maybe you read more or get angry less. Reconnect with family or adopt a pet.

Maybe on January 1st, you don’t hack off a hunk of knuckle on your fancy new mandolin slicer that your husband got you so that you could be awesome in the kitchen.

Ok, maybe I’m off to a bad start…

But the point is, that I still have 364 days left to have a better day. As long as I spend those days trying my best to be as good and happy at being myself as I can, then I have been successful.

Resolve to be better. Because the best is yet to come.


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