Cardigans in Summer

Oh – I Have a Blog.

Oh, heeeeeey.  It’s a been a while…  How’s things?  Good, good.  Sorry I’ve neglected you forlikemonths, blog.  But there’s been things – let’s call them schmeadaches – that have been preeeeeetty much sucking my writing inspiration right from my soul.  But – guess what?  At the risk of totally jinxing myself, I’ve only had two in the last 50 days!

SO – get ready and let’s get right to The Reason that most of you read this for.  BABY UPDATES YAAAAAY!  (I’m mean, let’s be real…)

We had a dermatologist appointment on Tuesday and got some excellent news!  We have been working on weaning her off of the Propranolol for a few months now and so far her hemangioma has been maintaining its size.  So now we are starting her at a dose that we can give her ONCE a day, first thing in the morning.  

The doctor says that she thinks there is about a 50/50 chance that the hemangioma may become active again, so we need to watch closely for any regrowth. But for now, we can continue the plan to have her off of the medicine by her second birthday. Aaaaaaand we can say bye bye to her bedtime bottle. Yippee!  No more waking up a sleeping baby – which is terrible.  TERRIBLE.

This also means that we can jump full board on the potty training…er…train.  Baby Girl already does a darn good job at going to the potty already and now that there is no milk poured down her throat at 10 p.m. every night, she will be able to wake up dry.  Onward we go to Commitment Town!  And wait until you see the adorable cloth training pants I picked up today.  I bought two different kinds to try and will let you know in a future post how they work out.  Wish us luck!

As for me – I’ve had my own set of adventures.  I began going to the neurologist in May for chronic migraines that I’ve always had but that have worsened after pregnancy.  I’ve since had several MRI scans, nerve tests, etc. and really all they could come up with was that I was having muscle spasms.


Apparently my body is tense.  Ha.  I have no idea why?  I mean – lugging around over 20 extra wiggly pounds on my hip isn’t THAT big of a deal.  Neither is waking up at 3:30 in the morning just because someone small and cute wants an hour long snuggle.  Nor is standing on my feet and working with my hands for pretty much the last ten years.  (Note to self: Be kinder to body.)


Suggestion was to attend physical therapy.  Considering I would be paying for that out of pocket and they wanted me to go twice a week, I was not really considering it as an option.  I also view it as an overblown solution for something that might be handled more cheaply by exercises on my own.  I have not been in an accident or had a stroke or anything – my body just has the unfortunate fate of belonging to an event florist.

Luckily, something magical happened and I didn’t have to think on physical therapy too long…

In the spirit of meeting our deductible, I also have been working on getting some leg issues looked at.  My grandmother had blood clots and bad legs, so I mainly went into a vein clinic as a preventative measure.  I have varicose veins, I stand all the time, I have a history…surely I would need to do something to prevent future problems.  Surprise surprise, they did an ultrasound and decided my legs were already bad enough to need surgery.  Yay for being a 30 year old with the spidery ankles of a 60-something…

I had venous ablation done on four veins in both of my legs and I cannot BELIEVE I have been living with the pain I have been living with for so long.  Hey you – person – does your body hurt?  Maybe you should stop trying to be tough because it might be telling you something.  Because now my legs feel awesome.  My feet don’t hurt.  I have ANKLES.  Apparently the sore legs I’ve had for years were for a reason other than just ‘I-stood-all-day’ and pregnancy aggravated the problem.  AND as a crazy side effect – I have only had two fairly minor migraines since having the procedures.  

(Sidenote: I had brought this up as a possible cause to one of the doctors I spoke to and he basically called me an idiot.  I might be paraphrasing…maybe.)

Regardless, I feel better due to an unrelated treatment and the neurology people still have all my money but whatever. I don’t have a headache right now so I don’t really care!

In other news, I’m planning on returning back to work this fall if they will have me and if I can find suitable (read: affordable) daycare.  I am simultaneously terrified and ecstatic.  I am ready to buy Baby Girl a backpack and plan little bento lunches for myself.  It is time.  I’m also working on starting some home business projects that I can work on at the same time…because I desire everything on ModCloth and I must have it.

No more putting things off. Not even THIS.


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